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Artist: Paul Wall f/ B.G., Bun B
Album: The People's Champ
Song: Trill

[Chorus: Paul Wall]
Trill is when you're hustlin, trill is when you're grindin
Trill is when you punch in that clock overtimin
Trill is when you keep it real one hundred percent
And hold it down for your team run your game full sprint
Trill is when you never fake, trill is when you real
Chasin after dollar bills, gotta get it how you live
Trill is when you hustle so you go out there and get it
Doin whatever you gotta do to make a meal ticket

[Bun B]
Yeah, I'm all about the cheese baby, all about the cheddar
When it come to ghetto grindin can't nobody do it better
A real go-getter, never hesitate to hit a lick
I don't have to even make a phone cal to get a brick
Ya find lieutenant on ya Sidewalk Two
At code fo'-twenty-'fo, he know just what to do
Bring me two turkeys back like it's Thanksgiving
That's how we do in Texas my nigga, so how you livin
Up in the game since the early 90's
Never sleep to keep them haters one step behind me
Ain't nothin changed but the time that they hand out
But even without the cars and the ice, we stand out
Cause everybody know us in the streets, we like royalty
Commandin respect and demandin click loyalty
If you ain't down with freein Pimp C then fuck all y'all
You wanna know what trill is? Tell 'em Paul Wall


[Paul Wall]
I'm a survivor of the struggle, I live by the code
In the city where greed and envy make ya heart turn cold
At 17 years old I was ahead of my time
I had to roll with the punches and keep my ducks in a line
I keep my mind on my money, I keep my mind on my paper
I keep a glock inside my pocket for all these jealous haters
I trained for chess moves, I'm five steaps ahead
I keep my mind focused, make money, break bread
I'm rollin 5 9, it's the home of the crack sales
That South Lee block got more cookies than Snackwells
I snatch you up like eatin shrimp, don't contest do not attempt
You crossed the line no turnin back, we'll leave you naked like Larry Flynt
With young ghetto stars, certified with ghetto scars
Intoxicated by weed cigars, we eat stress by sippin barre
Fancy cars and diamond ice, I'm intrigued by fancy thangs
We always keep it trill, in the hood we look like kings


Look, look, if you know me then you know I'm a G
If you know me then you know I'm gon' run through a hundred bricks a week
If you know me then you know I'm a dawg
If you know me then you know I get a package and I fly 'til it's gone
If you know me then you know I'm a fool
If you know me then you know I'll punish you if you fuck with the dude
If you know me then you know I'm a man
If you know me then you know I keep a plan to keep some money in my hand
If you know me then you know I'll bleed
You don't know me ask somebody they'll tell you wodie mean what he said
If I huff it, ain't no doubt I'ma spread
I'ma cock and bust, since 13 I been droppin my nuts
I'm online for new artists in Florida
Got a bitch that'll drive with a package from Atlanta to Dallas
You ain't know, better ask your bitch
Paul Wall, Bun B, B.G. is as trill as it get


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