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Artist: Paul Wall
Album: The People's Champ
Song: Internet Going Nutz

{*sounds of a keyboard clicking*}
Okay, on this computer, gon' see what it do
"Paul, you've got maaaaail"
Let's see what new e-mails I've got
{*sample in background: "I-I-I've got the internet goin nuts"*}
Hit me on this e-mail, I'ma hit 'em back, see what it do
What they talkin 'bout
Well I got me a couple pictures on this e-mail too
We gon' see what they talkin 'bout mayne, okay

[Paul Wall]
I'm comin straight up outta that chatroom, and live from the message board
I'm at the crib all by myself, chattin online when I'm bored
Oh my Lord, BlackPlanet got all the {hoes} and all the freaks
I'll get your page and send a note, then hit me back when it's time to creep
I'm tryin to reach this girl Monique, her screen name is ChynaDoll
She's light brown with big thighs, and standin five foot seven tall
If she don't call me it's okay, I'll hit up SexyEyez02
Sophomore at TSU, and she run track, that's what it do
I'll send a note to my girl Crystal, she ShootiNStarr99
She uploaded some sexy pictures and oh my God that girl is fine
Wine and dine, but not this time, I pimp the keyboard, I'm online
Talkin fly in the chatroom, my conversation is goin down
Where you from? Where you at? Lil' momma sho' talkin nice
I tell her meet me at U of H right by the towers later on tonight
I'm sendin all my girls a kite, I'm tryin to find some internet hype
Just hit me up on my Sidekick, I'm signin off and I'm switchin the site

"I've got the internet goin nuts" "I-I-I've got the internet goin nuts" {*3X*}
"P-P-Paul Wall baby, what'chu know 'bout me"
"I'm on that five nine South Lee baby, holla at me"

[Paul Wall]
Okay I signed on to this DallasPeeps, on the hunt for a couple freaks
I'm logged on and I'm ready to chat, where you at let's meet and great
These sexy {hoes} at U and T, I'm sendin e-notes talkin fly
If you lookin for late night love, holla at me girl I'm your guy
I met a girl on CollegeClub, her screen name was Jazzy Brown
She told me when I come to her town, to hit her up and it's goin down
She e-mailed me this old picture before she had her baby boy
I was ready to pay her a visit, she used to look like Ke-Toi
But, one too many Almond Joys, I went and seen this girl in person
But when that big {bitch} opened the door I damn near started cryin and cursin
(Damn) Just too many neck bites and, not enough roadrunner
But big girls need love too, so I beat it up like Royal Rumble
Sheeeit, lil' momma looked like a whale she broke the scale
I told her baby I gotta bail, I won't tell if you won't tell
What the hell, the first minute I got in range of the nearest Dell
I changed my screenname and my number, this internet pimpin still prevails


[Paul Wall]
So I log on to the Facebook, I'm tryin to find me a good look
I'm lookin for a lil' one night love, I throw the bait and they bite the hook
I holla at that boy Goo, my potnah puttin me up on game
He let me know which girls are freaks and e-mailed me they screennames
I hit 'em up like it ain't no thang, how you do and it's nice to meet'cha
Late night a few e-mails later I'm knockin señorita out her sneakers
Check me out on my own website,
Hit me up on that home board and we can chat baby all night long
What's the scoop you goin to school? Maybe pimpin that 9 to 5?
Download my computer love, and get a taste of my hard drive
I'm on the search for cybersluts, lookin at pics on in the mix
Tryin to find a computer check with a webcam that'll make a flick
Hit me up on that AOL, Instant Messenger what it do
My DSL is fast as lightning on the hunt for this mooshu
You got some potnahs that's just like you? Call your crew and I'll call mine too
Just take a look at my hit count, this internet pimpin thang ain't new


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