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Artist: Paul Wall f/ Three 6 Mafia
Album: The People's Champ
Song: I'm a Playa

Yessir, SwishaHouse!
DJ Paul and Juicy J productions
Paul Wall, SwishaHouse, Hypnotize Minds, Three 6 Maf-i-UHH!
It's goin down

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Eighty-fo's (eighty-fo's) candy paint (candy paint)
Switchin lanes (switchin lanes) sippin drank (sippin drank)

[Paul Wall]
It's Paul Wall baby yeah that's me, these hoes wanna know what I'm 'bout
Princess cuts all on my neck and on my wrist and in my mouth
Do's open, do's close, where's the camera I'll strike a pose
I'm still ridin on elbows, in eighty-threes and eighty-fo's
The gangsta slab is what I flip, woodgrain is what I grip
That purple drank is what I sip, in my cell phone keep a chip
I'm talkin bid'ness I put it down, I'm choppin blades and I'm poppin shrooms
I'm from the land of that fry smoke, got plex I got the pump
Weighted trunk and chunk the deuce, keep it movin I'm on the prowl
I'm on the hunt for some one night love, best believe that it's goin down
Money and hoes, cars and clothes, diamond rings and ice grills
SwishaHouse we keep it trill, and hold it down baby what's the deal


[DJ Paul]
We put them 47 inch jelly screens in them Escalade
We po' that purple drank straight up like it's that Kool-Aid
We like them girls that eat it up and never be afraid
While you cry but ask how they givin up the fade
Ye ain't got screens if they ain't touch screen
with the removable screen, lookin mean on the scene
When hoes see me they sayin everybody ain't able
Cause I turned the back of my Caddy pickup into a pool table

[Juicy J]
Juicy J, I'm the mayne, got the G's, fuck the fame
See a lil' freak, run some game, and she goin I'ma take some brain
I'm on the slab, posted up, white Cadillac with the white guts
I'm on the scene, drankin lean, mixed with Spire in a plastic cup
I'm from the hood, call it North, where Project Pat went to jail and court
But now he back on the Southern bricks, we gon' drink a lot and players smoke Newport
Uptown, hit the blush, or watch these diamonds blind you up
Nothin but self-made millionaires so you {?} can shut the fuuuuuuuuuck


[Paul Wall]
I got a deep freezer up on my neck and sno-cones up in my ear
A ice tray up in my mouth, I'm lookin somethin like a chandelier
You can call me the ice man, I cause a blizzard every time I breathe
Posted up on that South Lee, with Big Mix and my boy Lil' Heat
Where's the drank I'm runnin low, Cabbage Head told me it's a drought
But not to worry dough never doubt, I'll go to the doctor with a cough
It's Paul Wall baby that's my name, fly like a plane what it do
I drop the top of my potnah plaque and chunk the deuce to that boy Gooch
Just like a midget I'm sittin low, and like a snail I'm crawlin slow
Where's Mike, where's Bawdy, he on the grind ducked on the low
Yeah I like my music slow, yeah I like my train mud
I'm chopped up by Michael Watts, it's Paul Wall baby that's what's up

[Chorus] - 1/2

"I'm a playa, ain't no doubt, hoes wanna know what I'm 'bout" {*repeat 3X*}
"I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa..."

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