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Artist: Paul Wall & Chamillionaire
Album: Get Ya Mind Correct
Song: Luv N My Life

[Paul Wall]
Whoa, let's talk about them 22 inch shoes
Feel like I'm walking on high heels, when the Escalade cruise

Hold up, sorry to be the one with the bad news
You miscounted, that's some 23's not 22's

[Paul Wall]
My bad, how bout we talk about the speakers cuzin
My trunk's rated R, because of the speakers cussing

Now tragically we deeply thugging, and freaks we shoving
Out them fawns, with them twenty inch neepers tugging
See boys don't see the, candy bleeder don't leave a
Stain on the feet-a, talk down I guarantee you
Face be in that dirt, like a damn ant eater
We stack mail with no envelopes (no stamps either)

[Paul Wall]
Wallet is so obese, and obtuse is absurd
Wide screen it expands, like the wings of a bird
Observe enlighten me, never be far occurred
Navigational system, got brains of a nerd

TV screens falling out the sky like rain
Now open up the trunk, and lights and show the side I claim
Candy coats, tripping off of my wide frame
I'm balling like I just got finished, winning five dice games
Never brag about my rims, is my mind frame
But then my 20's turn to 22's, and my mind changed
Swanging lanes and gripping grain, while I swang
Cause I'm addicted to my dough, and loving my life mayn

Whoa we getting royalty checks, since 9-6
So I'm six years, and a couple months past rich
No they can't stop this, the top on the drop gets
Knocked off, so now that boss hogg feeling topless

[Paul Wall]
Hold up, why don't we talk about the blades that cut
Machetes underneath the fender, cause major bust
The speakers bump like Herby's, on a 12th grade slut
Nick name is Petey Pablo, my trunk raise up

Ha ha damn you didn't, a man who flipping
Black Cadillacs, with the door handles missing
You telling boys we don't ball, they say man you tripping
That's like saying that Jordan, couldn't handle Pippen

[Paul Wall]
Look out, its time to talk about the size of the screens
Nineteen inch laptops, when you ride with the king
Paul Wall got TV's bigger than, most of your rims
See us send your c.d. go back, and boast to your friends, see the


Chamill and Paul make you ball, and status fade away
Like Reggie Miller threw up a shot, and a made a J

[Paul Wall]
Whoa, why don't we talk about them DVD's
Rush Hour 1 through 3, on three TV's

Hold up, we gotta teach these boys how to do math
Count the TV's and DVD's, and what do you have

[Paul Wall]
Bread-ren, that's the equivalent of too much cash

I bet them broke niggas, can't even add

[Paul Wall]
I'm a chef chopping the block, on 20 inch footing
When I drive passed, everybody get caught looking
Everybody turn around, when them 20's turn around

Everybody turn around, when them 20's turn around

[Paul Wall]
Everybody turn around, when them 20's turn around
Candy paint so wet, look like the block bout to drown
I'm a chef chopping the block, on 20 inch footing
When I drive passed, everybody get caught looking, at the

[Hook - 2x]


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