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Artist: Paul Wall
Album: How to be a Player
Song: Bounce Back Freestyle

Its paul wall...time to bounce back baby
back on the Swishahouse..back on the team
its goin' down its paul wall

I remember comin' up as just a youngster scrub
when people think you ain't gonna make it, they don't show much love
so I push and I shoved, and I stuggled and worked
GOD granded me wit blesses but pain came first
alot fake as patna, alot fraud as hoes
alot so called friends, that took big swangers and vouges
alot videos, and a whole lotta greed
The bill still gotta get paid and my heart still gotta plead
So I fled from the scene step my game up a notch
now I'm to where I started, gettin' money from Watts
GOD blessed me wit a second chance
Now T-farris be bookin me for shows from Idaho to France
When you got a hit song, people ride ya dick
But soon you #2 people tin to forget
Man had a healthy win, even though my compentition cheated
MPT came along and gave me the push I needed
Who you was ready to ride and I needed that
cuz most of my other homies seem to turn they back
but I ain't trippin I moved on to bigger things
and i'd bounced back N now I'm on the winnin' team
baby its the its the Swishahouse....
baby its the Swishahouse


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