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Artist: Paul Wall f/ Danie Marie
Album: Chick Magnet
Song: Chick Magnet

[Talking - Paul Wall (Female)]
Ay say pretty girl, what it do?
(Wussup) You got a minute?
If not put ya call away ma', I got two
I'm just sayin', I'm tryin' to see what's up with it
I'm just sayin' tho' (What you sayin?)

I'd be obliged if you step outside
This fly guy is awaitin' love makin'
The passenger side of my ride is vacant and
if you can give me just a minute or two
Or just a few I'd like to introduce ya to somethin new
First off, I gotta say I'm not ya average type
Why don't you get to know me better for the rest of the night
I know you like the type of guys that be takin' you shoppin'
But you a independent women, so I know you ain't boppin', let's get it poppin'
My hormomes is drivin' me wild
This slim waist and pretty smile, are just my style
Why don't we kick it into second gear, have no fear
I'm in ya ear, the chick magnet is here

[Chorus - Danie Marie]
I don't know, what it is
About you, but I wanna ride with you
I been watchin' you, watchin' me
I wanna know, if I can spend a night with you
I really like how you do your thing
It's so playa baby what's yo name?
I love the way that you do yo thing
It's so playa, and I wanna ride with you

[Paul Wall]
It's more to me then just the "know what I'm sayin"
A dime piece slayer it's hard work being a player
And I don't really mean that in a literal sense
But if you listenin' to hard then it might not make sense
It don't make somebody a playa 'cause they cheat on they wife
Nah, being a playa is more like a way of life
But enough with all this chattin', girl let's make somethin' happen
When the chick magnet get to mackin' it's a fatal attraction
it was like, A chain reaction, when I looked in ya eyes
I must admit that I'm intrigued by the size of them thighs
Compliments I keep em' comin'
My resume' display how I keep em' cummin'
I'm the chick magnet


[Paul Wall]
You might be marriage material, but let's not jump conclusions
Just relax and what will come, will come
All that winin', dinings fine but I'm.

thinkin' along the lines of bump & grind
I gotta 1 track mind, and I really don't know.

if that's what you like me to think
But the fact of the matter is I'm not quite what you think
I'll give you total access, if you come lay on my mattress
and let me poke you like a cactus I'll deliver the package
I like you, thick like molassis in your dubious maximus
If you ride me I might wreck somethin' like a car accident
So tighten up on your backstroke, and roll with a king
Cuz I'm the captain of the drill-team

The chick magnet


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