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Artist: Mike Jones f/ Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Paul Wall
Album: The Day Hell Broke Loose Vol. 2
Song: Cash That I Got

[Mike Jones]
What my motherfuckin name!
Mike Jones...... Who?
Mike Jones.......Who?
Mike Jones...My album "Who Is Mike Jones" coming soon
Where Come Who...Mike Jones

[Mike Jones]
Hittin the block with rocks in socks let down my top when the sun is hot
ice drippin from grilling watts
some complain cause Mike is hot
I'm hopin out for the baller block
pimpin hoes in the parking lot
flippin (??) with no halter top
they say Mike Jones fell off the "Who?"
I blew up fast I thought you knew
down south we bang screw
when I'm done with it, it will be a puroo
when I flow you can't deny I'm cold as fuck and I'm all so fly
hoes bop when I pass by cuz they know I'm a fly guy
show my grill and your stuck still she a han cap(handicap) and I'm a fuck her still
hop in the lincoln with buck wheel screens fall down sayin "Whats the deal"
Coming soon is "Runnin The Game" so yall can see how I'm runnin the game
I hit the streets fans run up to me and tell me that that I'm runnin thangs
Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Lil Keke we be valetin in v.i.p sippin henessy with a dime piece
on my side when I ride I'm on 24's like T.I.
definition of Mike Jones and the Swishahouse "We Fly"
I talk the talk and walk the walk princess cuts in my platinum mouth
when "Who is Mike Jones" come Ima put a mill in the vault
I talk the talk and walk the walk princess cuts in my platinum mouth
when "Who is Mike Jones" come Ima put a mill in the vault

{Chorus} (Mike Jones) and Paul Wall 2x

(Cash Flow I flip alot)
(Freak hoes I pimp alot)
(Playa haters I aint trippin about)
(Cause they aint got the cash that I got)

Cash flow I flip alot
Freak hoe I pimp alot
Playa haters I aint trippin about
Cause they aint got the cash that I got

[Lil Keke]
Who is Mike Jones, who is Lil Ke
Aint no motherfuckin where you dat you niggaz now me
an underground legend makng plenty of wealth
S.U.C to the finish it is the Don himself
yeah I'm platinum bound with this platinum sound
hit the strip on a Sunday
let the top lay down
spit this gangsta shit and they love it for real
I sold 5 hundred thousand no major deal
thats the truth nigga
pull the sound scan I swear thats the proof nigga
side ways got my duece out the roof nigga
and they lovin it G
certified go-getter out the sev-1-3
im a O.G (O.G.) and I pay what it cost
me and Slim Thug, The Boss at the SwishaHouse
I'm bouncin on 24's rollin on big thangs
hittin the highway and I'm still changin lanes


[Slim Thug]
ha......ha Slim T-H-U(during chorus)

It is Slim Thugga motherfucker
the big boss of the north
that been boss since I was spittin hits with the house
and I'm sittin on too much mail to put it for sale
You want my spot
oh well come follow my trail
a trendsetta been havin chedda since (uhh) forever
(Slim when you gon drop your solo?) shit probaly never
I'd rather spit these hit flows
and get rich off those
(picture this) a underground rapper with his own clothes
(who knows) I done shows every week since 98
off these other cats tracks now who else the done dat
and still turned down deals worth more than a mill
(naw I'm a chill)and I'm still worth more than a mill for real!
I got my money right
Slim said for life
so next time you think you the nicest
(stupid)think twice!
take my advice (have your shit right)
before you test
cause when you messin with these three you fuckin with the best nigga!



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