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Paul Wall: Get Money Stay True
by Mikael Wood
May 16, 2007

Two years ago, Houston-based jewelry maker-turned-MC Paul Wall threatened to outshine Kanye West in his guest spot on the latter's "Drive Slow," a chopped-and-screwed highlight from West's Late Registration. So it only seems fair that in "Everybody Know Me," a cut from his new Get Money Stay True, Wall is shown up by his guest, Snoop Dogg, who in his inimitable fashion reminds us (and Wall) that he's "the only rapper known by your grandmother." (A polite visitor, Snoop tells Wall that, should Snoop decide to pursue his movie-cameo career full-time, Wall's "next in charge" running the rap game.)

Get Money Stay True won't disappoint fans of The Peoples Champ, Wall's dubiously punctuated 2005 major-label debut: It's got the same slow-mo H-Town beats, the same obsession with tricked-out candy-colored cars, the same blatant self-regard that doesn't grate as much as it could, since Wall's not the most good-looking guy in the world and kind of seems to know it. Of course, post-Houston Invasion, Wall's schtick is a known quantity, which means that surprise would be a valuable asset—and that's something Get Money sorely lacks.

1 exception: "On the Grind," a sparkling ode to Wall's "hustle schedule" with a typically overheated appearance by Freeway, the Philadelphia MC capable of making pretty much anything sound like a surprise. Thrill seekers should stick around for the debut later this year of Expensive Taste, Wall's unlikely new group with Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker of Transplants.

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