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Houston based rapper and Swishahouse mix tape legend Paul Wall's Asylum/Atlantic debut The People's Champ hit number one on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. The album sold over 176,000 copies. The album's success was not only fueled by Paul's underground fan base, but the down South rapper had been building major buzz all summer with this song "Sittin' Sideways." The song with the hypnotic track and the flashy videos had everybody waiting for Paul's full length album.

The People's Champ has that classic Swishahouse sound. Real big loud powerful tracks with that Houston flavor. The album opens up with "I'm A Playa." Paul basically introduces himself to the world on this track. This song is followed by another big beat song, "They Don't Know" which features's Paul's friend Mike Jones. This is a really powerful song that makes you just want to go out and ride. Trey Songz and Paul Wall make magic on "Ridin' Dirty." This song would be a great second single. Trey Songz is really doing his thing on this rap songs.

The album is a banger from start to finish and it's hard to highlight which song is "the best" because the entire album is so enjoyable. "So Many Diamonds" featuring T.I. is a banger. "Sittin' Sideways" is mad hot as is the humerous, "Internet Going Nutz" in which Paul talks about meeting women on the Internet.

The album features guest appearances from Freeway, Big Pokey, GLC, Aqualeo, Grit Boys, T.I., BG, Bun B, Archie Lee, Cootabang, Three Six Mafia, Mike Jones, Trey Songz, and Kanye West.

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