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Long gone are his days of pushing mixtapes on the streets of Houston. With his first major label release, Paul Wall stands tall among many MC weeds from the dirty south soil.

There is something about dirty south music that can be associated with the music that plays when the sinister villain makes his grand entrance in a movie. In The Peoples Champ , it isn’t any different. Armed with his drooling, Southern drawl, Wall’s latest doesn’t stray too far from the template slowed-down bass and frenzied beats of dirty south rap. However, he adds a certain twist to the game that makes his sound distinct and appealing.

The album is probably best for chillin’ at a smoky house party or for general cruisin’ merriment. With the exception of monotonous beats and useless tracks like “Internet Going Nutz,” the album sheds more light on the rise of the dirty south.

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