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"Break Em Off" is a slow mellow throwed song featuring Lil Keke. The song has a real catchy brass riff throughout, with plenty of hi-hats and a screwed up chorus. Paul Wall comes with 2 verses and Keke drops his between. Definately a hit.

Jermaine Dupri produced and is featured on "I'm Throwed" which is the 2nd single from the album. This is a more uptempo track from Paul Wall, it's definately a club banger and a head nodder.

"Call Me What U Want" features Yung Redd & E-Class, the beat is damn near perfect, it's heavily laced with synthesizers, hi-hats and a real bangin bassline. The chorus is real addictive: "Call me what you want, as long you dont call me broke, yea I was that way back along time ago, if anything I shine, Na I dont sleep, I grind"

My vote for the next single is "Bangin Screw", to me its got to be the best song on the album and reason alone for you to run out and get this album now! It's a much more uptempo song than you're used to hearing from Paul Wall, it has a "Stay Fly" feel to it. The pitch on the chorus is screwed, but its delivered in regular speed, its real throwed how they did it.

Paul Wall's wife Crystal Wall is featured on "How Gangstas Roll" she sings the hook on it with Paul, who comes much harder on this song that usual "You can catch me ridin in the Lac, top down - seat back, Keep the heat up on my lap - I'm Throwed / Every hood that I'm in white cup in my hand, blowin kush in the wind - I'm blowed / Any day of the week, new grill new piece - from my head to my feet - I'm cold / New shoes on my ride, bad bitch on my side, man that's how gangstas roll"

Trina is featured on "That Fire" which has her and Paul Wall rappin back and forth about what they like and want from each other. Trina's hook "Boy you got that fire, that fire, that good shit" and Paul Wall's hook "Girl you got that fire, that fire, that good shit"

"Gimme That" is a crunk type of track, it was produced by Drumma Boy and sounds like a mixture between Houston and Atlanta style. It's the type of song that will get you buck and have you throwin bows. The beat is filled with synthesizers, snares and some real heavy bass.

Some other throwed tracks are "I Aint Hard To Find" & "Everybody Know Me", an uptempo song produced by Mr. Lee and featuring Snoop Dogg.

If you're looking for a great album from start to end with no fillers, pick up "Get Money, Stay True" by Paul Wall.

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