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Interview was conducted by BumSquadDJz

1. How did you get the name Paul wall aka The Peoples Champ?
My boy J Mac in Dallas gave me the name "The Peoples Champ" because of the love I showed the fans, I am 100% all the times baaaaaby!
You explained how you got the name "The Peoples Champ" but how did you get the name Paul Wall?
My potna B Sykes gave me that name when I was little. He just started calling me that and it caught on.

2. How did you get your start in the music industry?
I started doing promotions when I was 14 with my boys Ace and 5' 4. They taught me the marketing aspect of the industry. I took what I learned promoting other artists, and started promoting myself.

3. Can you remember the 1st song you ever wrote?
Back when I was (11) or (12) I used to come up with lil songs talkin about how cold I was on the mic.

4. What was the 1st song you ever recorded?
I'm not even sure?

5. Why did you break ties with Color Changin Click? Are there any hard feelings?
Ain't no hard feelings on my end. I just bought a 2006 600 Benz that don't come out til next year, I'm all over BET, MTV, and VH1. I ain't got no hard feelings!

6. So what's the deal between you and your childhood friend and rap partner Chamillionaire, friends or foes?
The only real friend I have is myself!

7. Do you remember the 1st time you saw yourself on TV or heard yourself on the radio? What was it like?
Yeah, I was on the way to Prairie View A&M University to drop my sister off at college, and Madd Hatta played this freestyle that I did for Michael Watts on 97.9 the box. Man I was excited. That inspired me to grind harder!

8. I hear you're not just a rapper but that you have your hands a few other business ventures, would you mind elaborating?
Oh yeah, I do grills. The shop is located inside of Sharpstown Mall in Houston. It's called TV Jewelry. The # is 832.661.5664

9. So how did u get started do grills? Who are some on the kats that you've done grills for? What is the most expensive grill you've done and who was it?
I started off with my boy Crime. He was doing grills in the hood, and I wanted one, but I couldn't afford to pay full price, so I told him I'd pass out flyers and bring him a bunch of business if he hooked me up. I brought him so much business, that he hired me to work in a new shop he opened up. I also did grills with my potna pt. I've done them for Lil Jon and the eastside boys, T.I, Lil Scrappy, David Banner, Chingy, Stephen Jackson from the Indiana Pacers, Mike Jones..... T.I's grill cost $30,000.

10. What's it like working with T.I.?
He is the truth. He is a genius.

11. Besides for T.I., have you DJed for any other artist(s)?
Yeah, "The Boss" Slim Thug my potna.

12. What's your take on all this "King Of The South" drama? Do you feel there is a "King Of The South" and if so who do you think it is?
T.I staked his claim as "The King", so until somebody dethrones him, he is "The King"! T.I is more than that though, he is the truth!

13. What's your opinion on the screwed & chopped controversy?
What controversy?
The controversy I'm speaking on is some people feel that its messed up how all these kats are doing these screw tape and calling themselves the king of screw tapes.
Oh I ain't know about that. DJ Screw created it. He was a mastermind. He is always gonna be the king of that. Even though he's gone, his legacy is so great in all that he has done, that he will never fade away, as long as we continue to give him his respect and honor for what he created It's at a different level now then what it was 5 years ago. The whole art form of music, "screw" music, has definitely come a loooooong way. We plan on carrying the torch as far and long as GOD allows us to. RIP Robert Earl Davis.

14. Do you remember the 1st time you heard DJ Screw or screwed music? What did you think?
I've always been a huge fan DJ Screw. I own over 200 DJ Screw tapes and cds. It was hard growing up, being a DJ Screw fan. See in Houston back in the day we had beef between the north side and the south side, we call it plex. I was from the north side, and DJ Screw and the SUC were from the south. All the plex pretty much ended around the time Slim Thug and ESD dropped "BRAIDS and FADES"

15. Do you still work with Swisha House and/or Michael 5000 Watts?
Hell yeah! Michael Watts has always been my mentor, and my potna. I'm gonna always be down with him and the house. The Swisha house made me.

16. What are some of the other projects you got going on right now?
I'm working on my new album called "The Peoples Champ".

17. What's Chick Magnet?
My boys T Nitty and Sabwarfare used to call me that because I was always surrounded by dime piece females.

18. So I see you've been singed to Warner Bros. Records? How did that come to happen?
Actually we are signed to asylum. Warner music is the parent company over Warner Bros. and Atlantic. Asylum is an "incubator" label under Atlantic and Warner Bros. So at asylum, when we release each album we have to meet a sound scan criteria, and once we do that they "upstream" us to either Atlantic or Warner bros. Mike Jones is so hot in the streets that Warner Bros. up streamed him before his album dropped. But as for now I'm still with asylum.

19. What's the name of your latest album? What's the 1st singel off this album?
It's called "The Peoples Champ", and the single is called "Sittin Sideways".

20. Who did you work with on this album?
T.I, Lil Wayne, BG, Bun B, Lil Boosie and Lil Webbie, Freeway, and The Grit Boys.

21. Is there any one past or present that you would like to work with?
I would have loved to work with Fat Pat and of course Pimp C.

22. Your basically known for ball'in and floss'in type flows, do you have any deep or meaningful type music on this album?
Really I prefer the deeper style, but the fans like me to do the ball'in rap, so that's what I tend to do. But yeah, "The Peoples Champ" shows a very diverse Paul Wall.

23. What keeps you motivated? What gives you that extra push to keep doing music?
Of course the money, but I've got a lot of people counting on me. They are depending on me

24. If you could give any advice, to any up and coming artist or group what would it be?
Don't give up, keep an open mind, show love, keep it real, and keep your faith in GOD!

25. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Man I ain't gon lie, right now I'm just living for today, enjoying this shit while its here, because I know it's all gonna come to end one day.

26. I believe we've touched on almost everything but is there anything that you would like to say before we get out of here?
Yeah, my websites; , ,, and .

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