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WOS: What It Do Mane?

Paul Wall: It's all good

WOS: I see you're hosting 25 Greatest Southern Artists of All Time on MTV Jams. What is MTV Jams? They could of at least had it on MTV 2 ya feel me?

Paul Wall: Already, it's all good though.

WOS: Do you agree with the list?

Paul Wall: I haven't seen the list yet.

WOS: Who is your top 5 out the south?

Paul Wall: 1.Ugk, 2. Lil' Keke, 3. Hot Boyz, 4. Master P, 5. Scarface.

WOS: How's your business with making custom grillz going?

Paul Wall: We do 500 grills a day, it's goin down.

WOS: How long have you been doing grillz?

Paul Wall: Been about 7 years now.

WOS: If someone want to get a grill done by you where do they need to go?

Paul Wall: TV jewelry inside Sharpstown Mall in Houston, or call my business partner Jon at (832) 661-5664.

WOS: What made you want to start DJ'ing?

Paul Wall: I been DJing since I was 14. I love the feeling of rocking a crowd.

WOS: You have been screwing a lot of albums like Urban Legend for example. Who comes to you about doing them? The label or the actual artist?

Paul Wall: It depends. T.I. is my partner so it was only right for me to do Urban Legend. I've done all his mix tapes as well.

WOS: How long have you been Choppin' & Screwein'?

Paul Wall: As long as I've been djing, bout 10 years.

WOS: How well do you think you do at choppin' & screwing music compared to others who do it?

Paul Wall: I just do me, I'm not the best. But I'm definitely blessed with a talent for djing

WOS: Out of everything that you do, what is your favorite hustle?

Paul Wall: I love djing for real.

WOS: How do you feel about how the South being stereotyped? Do you put the blame on the East/North, or are there actually rappers from the South who play into that role?

Paul Wall: I feel like Texas is unknown territory to the music world. I don't feel we're stereotyped.

WOS: You and Chamillionaire made good music together mane... have you ever thought about putting the beef aside because the 2 of y'all have got deals and I'm sure this is how yall visioned it when yall was just starting out.

Paul Wall: I don't have beef with anybody, but my success has brought out some beef in other so called artists. I ain't trippin though. I'm doing good, but there are a lot of jealous hearted people in the world. At the same time, there are way more people and artists that are proud of me.

WOS: I heard that you and Lil' Flip had issues but then you and him are on a track together on Z-Ro's albums. Is beef between you two just rumors or something in the past?

Paul Wall: I aint mad at nobody. I don't have beef with anybody. If I have or had beef with anybody it wouldn't be a rumor, you would definitely know about it.

WOS: What's the story about you jumping Rasaq?

Paul Wall: The lil' guy was talking shit about me and Lewhawk on a mix tape. Then the lil' guy came to MY club that I host and DJ. We handled up. But to be honest, he aint worth the time.

WOS: Alright lets talk about new music that you working on. You got "Peoples Champ" coming soon right?

Paul Wall: yessssir on Atlantic/Asylum records coming this summer.

WOS: Tell me a little bit about it as far as production and features?

Paul Wall: Salih who made Still Tippin', and the GRID IRON who did most of the Chick Magnet and Get Ya Mind Correct. Also T.I., B.G., Lil' Wayne, Bun B, and Freeway.

WOS: What will be different about Peoples Champ from the Chick Magnet?

Paul Wall: The subject matter. I've stepped my game up.

WOS: Apart from the album what else you working on?

Paul Wall: I just chopped up Z-Ro's new album, I've got a mix show on XM 66Raw on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings.

WOS: What's up with the web site man? It is still under construction.

Paul Wall: Hell yeah, I got it coming though.

WOS: Is there anything we haven't talked about that you want to mention?

Paul Wall: Shouts out to Archie Lee, Coota Bang, Mike Jones new album coming April 19th. Slim Thug Already Platinum coming soon, and my album THE PEOPLES CHAMP coming this summer.

WOS: Well I appreciate you taking time to do this interview and you be easy man

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