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(Hollywood, CA) – The People’s Champ, Paul Wall’s Swisha House/Asylum/Atlantic Records release “Get Money– Stay True,” made an impressive showing at #8 on the Billboard 200, as well as holding the #1 spot on the “Top Rap Albums” chart.

“Get Money– Stay True,” the new album from the platinum-toothed hustler, Paul Wall, marks the Hip-Hop icon’s first work in almost two years. The blockbuster success of “Get Money – Stay True” is being fueled by the hit singles “Break ‘Em Off,” featuring Lil Keke; and the Jermaine Dupri-produced “I’m Throwed.”

Snoop-Dogg and Juelz Santana also hooked up with Paul for the hit singles “I’m Real, What Are You?” and “Everybody Knows Me.” Handling the majority of production is Paul Wall’s long-time collaborator, Mr. Lee. Paul Wall is currently on the Honda Civic Tour with Fall Out Boy.

“Get Money– Stay True” is uncompromising. From Houston to Hollywood, the rap star’s blend of drive-slow, chopped-and-screwed beats has H-Town leaning with a Hip Hop swagger.

The national promotion will take the spotlight May 7th through June 24th on DirectEFX, the award-winning, nationally syndicated radio show to spotlighting Paul Wall’s hot new album. “Get Money– Stay True” is available in stores now.

Special Feature happening live on DirectEFX

Enter the Atlantic Records/Black College National Contest and Promotion for a chance to win a hot Atlantic Records autographed Gift Pack.

Entrants need to email and mention “Get Money– Stay True.” The well-anticipated spotlight special feature will air nationally on the Black College National Radio Network’s award-winning show, DirectEFX, Monday June 4th, Tuesday June 5th and Wednesday June 6th.

Paul Wall will speak about his new album and upcoming tour dates. Listeners are encouraged to send e-mail for a chance to receive their Atlantic Records/Paul Wall prize packs.

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